As of January 1, 2015, the bibliographic databases of the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale—RILM Abstracts of Music Literature and RILM Retrospective Abstracts of Music Literature—will be shifting into a new phase. Both RILM databases will be available for subscription only via the EBSCO platform. Institutions that currently subscribe through the ProQuest platform will be able to renew with ProQuest for one more year (12 months) if the renewal period begins before January 1, 2015. Thereafter, subscriptions must be renewed via EBSCO.

We are working to make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible for you and your patrons. To facilitate continued and consistent access to RILM, EBSCO is offering current ProQuest customers free access to RILM on the EBSCO platform throughout the remainder of your ProQuest subscription period. This will allow you and your patrons to become familiar with RILM on EBSCO at any time you wish. If you would like to move exclusively to the EBSCO platform sooner, EBSCO is ready to assist with that as well. Please contact Julia Long, Licensed Database Coordinator, at EBSCO Information Services, and she will make sure your access to RILM continues uninterrupted. You can reach Julia at

Covering music research in 171 languages and across 174 countries, RILM continues to provide the most accurate and comprehensive abstract and full-text music information portal available anywhere. Its multi-faceted databases contain some 800,000 bibliographic records on the full range of music-related topics, and is the only such resource to cover all document types, including journals, conference proceedings and collections of essays (article level), electronic and online resources, books, dissertations, music editions, research-based sound recordings and films, and more. Records contain abstracts in English—many written by authors themselves—and records increasingly include abstracts in the language of the publication. Searching is facilitated by a robust set of thesauri and equivalent spellings of personal names, including non-roman scripts. Further information about RILM can be found at

RILM’s Subscriptions Manager, Rebecca Lentjes, is available to answer any questions and assist in this transition. Rebecca may be reached via email at

All of us at RILM value our relationship with our users, and we look forward to serving your research needs in the coming years.

Best wishes,

Question: How does this affect me?

Answer: If you are currently subscribing to RILM or RILM Retrospective through ProQuest, there is no change to your current subscription. And if your subscription ends before December 31, 2014, you can renew with ProQuest for a full 12 months, or switch to EBSCO. Those already subscribing to RILM through EBSCO will not be affected by this change.

Question: When will RILM subscriptions via ProQuest stop working?

Answer: ProQuest will fulfill the current terms of all annual subscriptions and can renew them through December 31, 2014. So, for example, if you just renewed your subscription on September 15, 2014, ProQuest will provide access through September 15, 2015. If your subscription is due for renewal within the October-December, 2014 timeframe, you are free to renew with ProQuest for one more year, but they will not be offering RILM or RILM Retrospective beyond December 31, 2015. Thereafter, all subscriptions will be through EBSCO.

Question: I have more questions about this. Whom should I ask?

Answer: RILM’s Subscriptions Manager, Rebecca Lentjes, is available to answer any questions and assist in this transition. Rebecca may be reached via email at