September 2019 Stats:
RILM Abstracts
1,093,024 records
RILM Abstracts with Full Text
307,321 full-text records
RILM Music Encyclopedias
308,095 entries
Index to Printed Music
579,531 records
1387 posts

The International Center, housed at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City, employs a staff of over 40, overseen by the Editor-in-Chief. Editors, technology experts, and administrators at the Center compile, edit, index, and publish the database. They also supplement the work of the committees by writing abstracts and searching for information on publications that might otherwise be missed. Staff members are also engaged in marketing and promoting the database, and in hosting and presenting at conferences.

Executive Director
Executive Editor
Accessions Director
RAFT Accessions Coordinator
Licensing and Marketing
Office Manager
Chief Technologist
Metadata Coordinator
Data Coordinator
PDF Coordinator
Data Acquisitions Coordinator