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News - July 2019

Monday, July 01

RILM at ICTM in Bangkok, Thailand

RILM’s Executive Editor Zdravko Blažeković will attend the 45th ICTM World Conference 2019 in Bangkok where he will lead the meeting of the Commission Mixte, made up of four representatives from each of RILM’s three sponsoring organizations: the International Musicological Society (IMS), the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentations Centres (IAML), and the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM). If you would like to meet with Zdravko to discuss RILM, please contact him at

Relatedly, RILM is filling two positions, one for an expert on Iberian and Latin American music literature, and another for an expert on music literature in Southeast Asia. Do not hesitate to ask Zdravko about either of these positions.