RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Database Coverage List: Music Journals
"Core" journals are flagship journals of music studies; all articles are abstracted and all reviews are cited (with the exception of film and sound recording reviews, which are cited at the discretion of RILM national committees or staff editors).
"Secondary" journals are also deemed significant for music studies and are systematically scanned for articles that fall within RILM’s scope guidelines.
"Tertiary" journals are music journals that are less oriented toward music scholarship and are not systematically scanned. (For RILM’s coverage of multi-disciplinary and other non-music journals, please see https://rilm.org/abstracts/scope/abstracts-journals/)
Publications included are subject to change without notice due to contractual agreements with publishers and coverage considerations. Coverage dates shown are the intended dates only and may not yet match those on the product.
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