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Yekaterina Slutskaya-Levine

Yekaterina Slutskaya-Levine



As Editor, Katya Slutskaya handles all types of publications on all aspects of music research from the territory of the former Soviet Union (except the Baltic states). She is also the liaison for the committee of the Russian Federation.

Born in the cradle of Russian Christianity, in the last decade of Brezhnev’s Era of Stagnation, Katya always knew that she was a musician and that in this life she had no paths to choose from. Music always came to her casually, without knocking, and is Katya’s true home. A single-winged angel, a piano, is her first love, a friend and interlocutor for life. Opera theater was the most profound experience of her childhood. A conglomeration of muses, opera lures her to continue the musical journey, now as a scholar. After leaving the Soviet Union, Katya’s destinations were in Austria and Italy, where she experienced for the first time the freedom of unobstructed cultural-historical perspective. The most important events of her life, however, took place in New York City. Here she continues to write and publish on Russian opera in the context of its national ethics and Eurasian spiritual ambivalence, on the representation of internal and external states of being in musical theater, and on the musical personalities for whom the experiences of their lives had been transformed into the driving force to work, to love or not to love, and to create.