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Three titles have just joined the continuously expanding collection of historical and current titles…
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In late July 2021, RILM inaugurated its social-media presence on Instagram. The RILM Instagram ac…
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RILM's activities at this year's virtual meeting of the American Musicology Society extends to two e…
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Please join Jim Cowdery, Insia Malik, and Russ Skelchy for virtual coffee sessions at the 2021 SEM c…
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RILM will be present at the Third MUSAM Conference, Study Group “Music and American Studies” Spa…
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Featured image for post 'Taarab and mpasho
Taarab and mpasho
The Swahili word mpasho is related to the verb -pasha, “to cause to get”, and it refers to someone “getting the message”. In the popular ge…
Featured image for post 'Molière and music
Molière and music
Throughout his career in Paris (1658–73), Molière regularly incorporated music and dance into his plays. Account books, bills and receipts, contrac…
Featured image for post 'Music & minorities
Music & minorities
On 6 December 2021 the Music and Minorities Research Center at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien launched Music & minorities…
Featured image for post 'Pollini on Chopin
Pollini on Chopin
In a 2006 interview Maurizio Pollini discussed his relationship with the works of Chopin, which began most publicly with his victory at the Internatio…
Featured image for post 'Ballerinas and honeybees
Ballerinas and honeybees
The relational and cooperative labor of a corps de ballet illuminates the ways the dancers’ embodied knowledge and decision-making processes constit…
Featured image for post 'Queer musicology: An annotated bibliography
Queer musicology: An annotated bibliography
Drummers of Fogo Azul perform at the New York Pride Parade on June 30, 2019. Photo credit: Luiz C. Ribeiro/New York daily news The word queer origi…
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Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) documents and disseminates music research worldwide. Known for its flagship publication, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, a comprehensive international bibliography of writings on music covering publications from the early 19th century to the present (also available with a full-text enhancement of over 200 journals), RILM produces the annually expanding full-text repository RILM Music Encyclopedias and the Index to Printed Music. RILM maintains its own user platform, Egret, with advanced search and browse capabilities on which it hosts the comprehensive encyclopedia MGG Online, and RILM Music Encyclopedias.