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RILM at Music and the University, London, 2022
Deputy Executive Director Tina Frühauf will participate in the conference Music and the University:…
RILM at Arts in Society, Zaragoza, 2022
Deputy Executive Director Tina Frühauf will participate in the 17th annual International Conference…
RILM at MOLA in Philadelphia
Editor and MGG Online Product Development Coordinator Georg Burgstaller will exhibit RILM’s resour…
Call for Paper Proposal – RILM Session (IAML, Prague)
This is an invitation to submit a proposal for a paper focused on Ukraine, to be part of the RILM se…
RILM is Hiring (Executive Assistant)
RILM seeks an Executive Assistant / Office Manager to aid the Executive Director with administrati…
RILM at EPARM in London
Deputy Executive Director Tina Frühauf will participate in the 9th annual meeting of the European P…
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Featured image for post 'Old MacDonald’s ancestors
Old MacDonald’s ancestors
The earliest known ancestor of Old MacDonald had a farm is A charming country life in Thomas D’Urfey’s Pills to purge melancholy (1719–20); whil…
Featured image for post 'Synesthesia with trombones
Synesthesia with trombones
Data from an experiment in which subjects listened to a series of pitches played on various instruments while tasting flavors such as lemon, peppermin…
Featured image for post 'Gilberto Gil’s big hug
Gilberto Gil’s big hug
On Ash Wednesday 1969, shortly after being released from a military prison in the neighborhood of Realengo, Rio de Janeiro, Gilberto Gil composed the…
Featured image for post 'Krishnaveni Lakshmanan arrives
Krishnaveni Lakshmanan arrives
Writing in 2004, the bharatanāṭyam performer and teacher S. (Peria) Sarada recalled her first encounter with Krishnaveni Lakshmanan: “Rukmini…
Featured image for post 'Stravinsky and cubism
Stravinsky and cubism
  Stravinsky’s Svadebka/Les noces—an assault of nonsense syllables, snatches of conversation, and ritual fragments—is a cubist reconstruction o…
Featured image for post 'Jazz in China
Jazz in China
The story of jazz in China spans a century, encompassing the introduction of jazz in the early 1920s, its interruption under Mao in 1949, and its reju…
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Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) documents and disseminates music research worldwide. Known for its flagship publication, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, a comprehensive international bibliography of writings on music covering publications from the early 19th century to the present (also available with a full-text enhancement of over 200 journals), RILM produces the annually expanding full-text repository RILM Music Encyclopedias and the Index to Printed Music. RILM maintains its own user platform, Egret, with advanced search and browse capabilities on which it hosts the comprehensive encyclopedia MGG Online, and RILM Music Encyclopedias.