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RILM is Hiring
RILM seeks to fill an Assistant Editor position in its International Office in New York City. The su…
RILM at the AMS/SEM/SMT Conference, 2022
RILM will participate in the joint conference of the American Musicological Society (AMS), Society f…
RILM at SEATRiP’s 2022–2023 Mentorship Workshop
RILM will participate in SEATRiP’s 2022–2023 mentorship workshop, Demystifying Academia: Towards…
RILM Partners with EBSCO to Host a Webinar for Chinese Music Scholars
On Wednesday 12 October, from 10:00–11:00am Beijing time—Tuesday, 11 October, 10:00–11:00pm ED…
RILM at the Biennial Baltic Musicological Conference, 2022
RILM will participate in the Biennial Baltic Musicological Conference, Music and Visual Culture: Sco…
RILM at CMS, 2022
RILM will host a focus group with free lunch at the 65th National Conference of The College Music So…
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Featured image for post 'Barry & Claire Brook’s excellent incipit adventure
Barry & Claire Brook’s excellent incipit adventure
The practice of using music incipits for identifying compositions occupies an important place among the many musicological research tools that Barry S…
Featured image for post 'Little Richard, “Architect of Rock & Roll”
Little Richard, “Architect of Rock & Roll”
“Little” Richard Wayne Penniman burst onto the American scene in 1955 with his mega-hit Tutti frutti, and went on to write the anti-rules and pour…
Featured image for post 'Louisa May Alcott’s musical leitmotif
Louisa May Alcott’s musical leitmotif
Louisa May Alcott effectively depicted collective musical performances to affirm community in Little women; but more significantly, she used music to…
Featured image for post 'Charles Schultz and classical music
Charles Schultz and classical music
Having once considered himself “one of the staunchest opponents of classical music”, Charles Schultz discovered the symphonies of Beethoven in 194…
Featured image for post 'Journal of Audiovisual Ethnomusicology
Journal of Audiovisual Ethnomusicology
In November 2022 the Society for Ethnomusicology launched the Journal of Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (JAVEM), a bi-annual peer-reviewed streaming jour…
Featured image for post 'Martin Scorsese, DJ and choreographer
Martin Scorsese, DJ and choreographer
Martin Scorsese’s Casino is structured around a compiled score of nearly 60 popular music recordings. Scorsese himself, working with the editor Thel…
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