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RILM at MOLA in Philadelphia
Editor and MGG Online Product Development Coordinator Georg Burgstaller will exhibit RILM’s resour…
Call for Paper Proposal – RILM Session (IAML, Prague)
This is an invitation to submit a proposal for a paper focused on Ukraine, to be part of the RILM se…
RILM is Hiring (Executive Assistant)
RILM seeks an Executive Assistant / Office Manager to aid the Executive Director with administrati…
RILM at EPARM in London
Deputy Executive Director Tina Frühauf will participate in the 9th annual meeting of the European P…
Forthcoming Additions to RILM Abstracts with Full Text
This summer, RILM will add nine more titles to its full-text journal collection. The new titles are:…
RILM is Hiring (Associate Editor, Japanese / Korean)
RILM seeks to fill an Associate Editor position in its International Office in New York City. The su…
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Featured image for post 'Performing Asian America: An annotated bibliography
Performing Asian America: An annotated bibliography
The term “Asian American” refers to people of Asian descent who have settled in North America beginning in the mid-18th century. Encompassed withi…
Featured image for post 'David Byrne and performance
David Byrne and performance
In a 2004 interview, David Byrne recalled “In hindsight I realize that at first I used to get onstage out of some desperate need—I was so painfull…
Featured image for post 'Rap as Mexican women’s protest
Rap as Mexican women’s protest
Mexico is not officially at war, yet violence is pervasive, and young Mexican women increasingly use rap music to protest the ubiquity of homicides, s…
Featured image for post 'Aurel Stroe and the Romanian avant-garde
Aurel Stroe and the Romanian avant-garde
In the 1960s Romanian culture had just escaped from communist control, and free expression was only recently permitted. Aurel Stroe represents the fir…
Featured image for post 'Athanasius Kircher’s global reach
Athanasius Kircher’s global reach
Musical commodities frequently accompanied European explorers, soldiers, merchants, and missionaries who traveled to Asia in the early modern period.
Featured image for post 'Playing at work: An annotated bibliography on music and labor
Playing at work: An annotated bibliography on music and labor
Over 150 countries around the world celebrate Labor Day, or International Workers’ Day, on 1 May. With origins in the mid–19th-century eight-hour…
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Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) documents and disseminates music research worldwide. Known for its flagship publication, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, a comprehensive international bibliography of writings on music covering publications from the early 19th century to the present (also available with a full-text enhancement of over 200 journals), RILM produces the annually expanding full-text repository RILM Music Encyclopedias and the Index to Printed Music. RILM maintains its own user platform, Egret, with advanced search and browse capabilities on which it hosts the comprehensive encyclopedia MGG Online, and RILM Music Encyclopedias.