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David Bloom

David Bloom

Senior Editor

RILM International Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3108
New York, NY 10016-4309

phone: 1 212 817 8601

Senior Editor David Bloom translates, edits, abstracts, and indexes material for RILM Abstracts from a variety of languages, primarily Western European and East Asian, chiefly on matters relating to social science and semiotics, history of music, and ethnomusicology. In recent years he has been mainly occupied with building up RILM’s coverage of publications from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan, in all music-related fields.

David Bloom received his MA degree in linguistics from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he also served for many years as a volunteer classical-music producer-programmer for the NPR-affiliate radio station WBFO. He has taught English linguistics at the National University of Singapore, published in the fields of semiological theory and sociolinguistics, and worked in Singapore and New York as an editor and translator, largely in commercial magazine and trade-book publishing, as well as at RILM. He is has been a board member of Mencius Society for the Arts, a tiny nonprofit arts education establishment in Manhattan’s Chinatown now affiliated with the Grand Street Settlement, since its founding in 2003.