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Rachael Brungard

Rachael Brungard

Assistant Editor, Technical Assistant

RILM International Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3108
New York, NY 10016-4309

Phone: 1 212 817 8601

Rachael Brungard accesses publications in English and German, creates starter abstracts as needed, and provides basic indexing for literature related to popular music, organs, music theory, and jazz.

Rachael was a doctoral student in historical musicology at the City University of New York. She was a Fellow at the H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music, Managing Editor of the American Music Review, and a Student Representative for the GNY chapter of AMS. After earning her B.A. and graduating with Honors in Musicology from Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 2005, she received her M.A. in musicology from Queens College in 2008. At Oberlin, she was awarded the James H. Hall Prize in Music History.