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Guillaume Hérrison

Guillaume Hérisson

Software Engineer


Guillaume Hérisson is an accomplished computer scientist and linguist, with 20 years experience in developments for natural language and text mining applications. He received a MA from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Social Sciences, High Studies School, Paris, 1992) and a MS from the French School for Computer and Electronics (EFREI, Paris, 1991). He has served as a CTO for TextAgent Technologies, developing tools for business intelligence and information analysis. Clients have included the French military and police, European military industry, and a major telecom company. As a CTO for MOST SARL (Paris), Mr. Hérisson conducted R&D for natural language processing of technical documentation and failure scenario analysis at Aerospatiale in the project AMDEC (Analyse des Modes de Défaillance et de leur Effets et Criticité – Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis), as used for Ariane 5 project and M-45 and M-5 missiles. He has worked on different projects based on natural language process in France, Brazil, and United States. Mr. Hérisson possesses strong experience in the development of highly structured algorithms and interfaces in C and Java on both UNIX and Windows platforms.