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Marit Shuman

Marit Shuman

Assistant Editor


Marit Shuman is an Assistant Editor specializing in musicological publications in French. Her areas of interest include opera and voice studies, feminist musicology, Neo-Riemannian and Schenkerian analysis, music aesthetics, and Breton musical traditions.

Marit recently finished her master’s degree in music at Royal Holloway, University of London, which was partially supported by the Corky McGuinness Award for musicology. She completed her final dissertation on the relationship between Philip Glass, Samuel Beckett, and the Theatre of the Absurd, focusing on their shared artistic milieu in 1960s Paris. Previously, Marit earned her bachelor’s degree in music, minoring in German language studies, at Royal Holloway, University of London, as well as her DELF B2 certificate while studying abroad in France. Marit is also a classically-trained soprano, and she enjoys performing in-concert and on-stage in her spare time.