An Extra Day, an Extraordinary Lunch:

Join Us for a Post-Leap Day Luncheon

Make the most of an extra 24 hours in 2024 by joining us for lunch on 1 March, 12:30-1:30pm. Reserve your spot now to learn about what’s new at RILM and all that’s to come, while catching up with your colleagues. And don’t forget to visit us at our booth in the Exhibit Hall!

RME Grows by Leaps and Bounds

RILM Music Encyclopedias is a treasure trove for those seeking a virtual reference shelf, regardless of the research subject. With 69 titles and growing, in 12 languages, published in 17 countries, RILM Music Encyclopedias’ historic and contemporary subject-specific reference collection provides a wealth of knowledge on both under-represented musicians and those you may know of already–including Cincinnati natives like The Isley Brothers, Mamie Smith, George Allen Russell, and more.

Extra Content, Free on MGG Online

A new year brings broader full-text access to one of the world’s most important general encyclopedias of music and music-related topics. Through its new Free Article feature, now live, you’ll now be able to catch a glimpse of the kind of wide-ranging, authoritative content—available in most languages through its integrated translation function—that is the hallmark of MGG Online.

screenshot of mgg online article viewer shows an image of an opulent opera house expanded above the viewer

The current inaugural free article dedicated to the opera house takes you on a comprehensive tour through the history, trends, social contexts, and scholarly literature surrounding an institution that continues to thrive and inspire. Head to to learn more!

Two Extra Products on the Horizon: DEUMM and RAPMM

Dizionario enciclopedico universale della musica e dei musicisti (DEUMM) is the most extensive modern music dictionary in the Italian language. Coming later this year to RILM’s Egret platform, with advanced and intuitive search and translation functionalities, it is one indispensable node in a comprehensive, international, networked research experience that only RILM can provide. Learn more at

The RILM Archive of Popular Music Magazines (RAPMM) is a digital collection of independently published popular music magazines and fanzines that are not easily available in libraries and archives. Set to be released this fall, RAPMM will bring over a hundred of these publications together in one place, with front-to-back issues of titles scanned directly from their sources and made available in digital form, in spanning multiple countries and languages. For details, head to

Get More, Exclusively in RILM Abstracts with Full Text

RILM’s full-text collection has grown to 280 licensed titles with many more on the way. Eleven new titles released in July 2023 represent nine countries of publication (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the U.S., China, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Uruguay) written in seven languages. Five of these journals are available online exclusively through RAFT. Stop by our booth for a chat about the 2024 additions ahead, and head to to learn more.

Join Us In Person!

Exhibit Hall Hours

29 February 9am – 5pm
1 March 9am – 5pm
2 March 9am – 12pm

Lunch Celebration/Presentation

RILM would like to invite you to a luncheon in the Rosewood room hosted by RILM and EBSCO at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza on Friday, 1 March 2024, from 12:30 to 1:30pm EST.

Jadranka Važanová, Elizabeth Martin-Ruiz, and Ian McGorray will update attendees about recent developments in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text, RILM Music Encyclopedias, Index to Printed Music, and MGG Online, and about the forthcoming products DEUMM Online and RILM Archive of Popular Music Magazines.

Please RSVP by Saturday, 10 February 2024 to reserve your lunch and a seat by emailing with your name, institution, and “MLA 2024” in the subject line.

In addition to the lunch presentation, if you want to learn more about the RILM products or share feedback, Liz, Ian, and Jadranka will be available at MLA throughout the conference and are eager to talk with you. Feel free to drop by the RILM booth or make an appointment by contacting Virtual attendees can schedule one-on-one consultations via Zoom.

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With today’s remote learning needs, we turn a spotlight on resources that offer essential and interdisciplinary content online and with remote access. Most of RILM’s resources offer full-text coverage: The full-text enhancement of RILM Abstracts comes with over 400,000 PDFs, RILM Music Encyclopedias offers over 330,00 entries, and MGG Online over 19,000 articles. IPM offers links to open-access editions of music.

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