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Music & Theater – RILM’s Global Coverage

Did you know that RILM’s family of resources offers comprehensive coverage of music & theater? If not, read on….

RILM Abstracts relies on nearly 40 theater-related headwords that index publications, from dramatic arts to incidental music, from intermezzo to musical revue, cabaret and musical theater, from opera and pantomime to traditional theater and xiqu. Our vast coverage of music &theater in RILM Abstracts is matched by our vast indexing, which makes theatrical forms findable through keywords such as commedia dell’arte, dance-drama, folk drama, intermedio, kabuki, medieval drama, music theater, mystery play, noh, p’ansori, plays, and puppet theater. RILM Abstracts also covers film and dance. 

RILM Abstracts’ full-text enhancement provides full-text PDFs for some of these publications. Never has research on music & theater been easier! And this is not where RILM research fun ends.

RILM Music Encyclopedias is a treasure trove for those seeking a virtual reference shelf, regardless of the research subject. It includes several titles that are specific to the subject of music & theater (a small selection is shown below).

a collage of encyclopedia covers shows examples of theater related titles

Music & theater is omnipresent in RILM Music Encyclopedias, where historical and national titles offer comprehensive coverage of the lives and works of performers, composers, and other individuals who have made a contribution to theater culture. 

screenshot of mgg online article viewer shows an image of an opulent opera house expanded above the viewer

And the preeminent reference work MGG Online, which offers continual updates and new articles, proudly presents the following sampling of its many theater-related articles:

  1. Opera House
  2. Chinese Music Theater
  3. Theater and Opera Troupes
  4. Music Theater
  5. Grand Opéra

Looking for a piece to perform on stage? RILM’s Index to Printed Music can guide you through the universe of musical pieces in theatrical genres ranging from musical comedy to incidental music, pantomime to ballet, and buried in collections, sets, and series. IPM also contains some theater-specific series, such as Jerome Kern’s collected songs and Nineteenth-century American Musical Theater.

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3 March: 12:00-1:30 pm CST

RILM invites to a luncheon in honor of Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie’s 30 years of dedicated service to the organization. Jadranka Važanová will also update attendees about RILM’s recent developments on RILM Music Encyclopedias, the dynamic new features of the Index to Printed Music and MGG Online, new additions in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text, and the upcoming release of DEUMM Online.

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