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Job announcement: Software developer
Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) seeks to fill the position of Software Developer.

RILM at ACRL in Baltimore, Maryland
Stop by the booth in Baltimore, 22 to 25 March!

RILM at IMS in Tokyo, Japan
RILM will be present at the IMS meeting in Tokyo, 19 March-23 March, 2017, with papers, sessions, and an exhibit.

RILM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
RILM editors will be presenting two papers at the upcoming conference, Music As Cultural Heritage: Problems of Historiography, Ethnography, Ethics, and Preservation, running 13 to 15 March in Abu Dhabi.

RILM is hiring
RILM is seeking a part-time Assistant Editor.

RILM at MLA in Orlando, Florida
RILM will be hosting a luncheon and presentation at the Music Library Association's 2017 conference being held in Orlando. The luncheon begins at 12:30 on Friday 24 February, and the presentation is entitled "Shaping Music Resources in the Twenty-first Century: RILM and its New Releases RAFT and MGG Online. Please RSVP by 12 February.

„MGG Online“ – Dynamische Datenbank der Musik-Enzyklopädie „Die Geschichte in Musik und Gegenwart” ab jetzt verfügbar
„MGG Online,“ die digitale Enzyklopädie der gesamten zweiten Ausgabe von „Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart“ mit revidierten und neuen Inhalten, wurde am 7. November 2016 auf einer leistungsstarken Plattform mit hochmodernen Such- und Browse-Funktionen, integrierter Übersetzungsfunktion, sortierbaren Werkverzeichnissen u. v. m. zugänglich macht.
Toscanini’s annotations
Critics, scholars, and performers have long noted that Arturo Toscanini’s reputation for absolute fidelity to the printed score was little more…

T-Pain and “Can’t believe it”
T-Pain’s Can’t believe it music video resonates with the ways that black bodies are represented as inhuman, superhuman, and subhuman in vi…

Chile’s bailes chinos
  Chile’s bailes chinos are ritual musician-dance brotherhoods in the country’s Central Zone. They express the religious fervor of ca…

Ry Cooder and Buddy the Cat
In an interview, Ry Cooder recalled the inspiration for his album My name is Buddy. “Once I was hipped to Buddy the Cat, I knew that’s my…

Leonard Chess takes over
Leonard Chess is widely known as the co-founder of Chess Records and as a producer who was tremendously influential in the development of popular musi…