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„MGG Online“ – Dynamische Datenbank der Musik-Enzyklopädie „Die Geschichte in Musik und Gegenwart” ab jetzt verfügbar
„MGG Online,“ die digitale Enzyklopädie der gesamten zweiten Ausgabe von „Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart“ mit revidierten und neuen Inhalten, wurde am 7. November 2016 auf einer leistungsstarken Plattform mit hochmodernen Such- und Browse-Funktionen, integrierter Übersetzungsfunktion, sortierbaren Werkverzeichnissen u. v. m. zugänglich macht.

Celebrated Music Encyclopedia Now Online: MGG Online. Die Musik in Geschichte ind Gegenwart is now available as an online database
MGG Online, a digital encyclopedia containing the entire second edition of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart along with updated and new content, was launched on November 7, 2016, on a powerful platform with the most up-to-date search and browse functions, integrated translation, sortable work lists, and much more.

“MGG Goes Digital” Presentation and Reception on 4 November at AMS
RILM, Bärenreiter, and J.B. Metzler are proud to present MGG Online on Friday, 4 November, at AMS in Vancouver. The presentation and demonstration will be followed by a reception at 6:15 in the Finback room.

RILM Music Encyclopedias Announces the Addition of Four Titles
On 1 January 2017, RILM Music Encyclopedias will add four seminal works to its collection: Encyclopédie de la musique et dictionnaire du Conservatoire (1913–1931); Gracian Černušák, Bohumír Štědroň, and Zdeněk Nováček, Československý hudební slovník osob a institucí (1963/1965); Franz Stieger, Opernlexikon/Opera catalogue/Lexique des opéras/Dizionario operistico (1975–1983); and Dizionario degli editori musicali italiani, 1750–1930 (2000).

You are invited to lunch in Vancouver hosted by RILM
On Friday 4 November, at noon, RILM will present "New Networks of Music Literature: RILM and Musicology in the Twenty-First Century " on the 34th floor of the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel.

Look for RILM in the book exhibitors area at the upcoming conference in Louisville in February.

Job announcement: Technical assistant Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) seeks to fill a College Assistant position (functional title: Technical Assistant).

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