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Document Types

Documents are grouped under a wide range of document types.

Document types

AB – Article in a periodical treated as a book
AC – Article in a collection or critical edition
AD – Article in a dictionary
AE – Article in a Festschrift
AG – Article in a blog
AK – Article in a periodical: music work
AL – Article in a newsletter
AM – Article in a magazine
AN – Article in a newspaper
AP – Article in a periodical
AS – Article in a symposium/conference proceedings
AW – Article in an edition of music
EA – Article in an electronic resource

BC – Collection of essays
BD – Encyclopedia or dictionary
BE – Festschrift
BF – Facsimile or reprint edition
BG – BlogBM – Monograph
BP – Periodical (thematic issue)
BS – Symposium proceedings
BT – Translation
BX – Textbook

MP – Motion picture
MR – Sound recording

CP – Program notes
CR – Recording notes
CS – Commentary apart from edition
CW – Edition of music

DD – Doctoral dissertation
DM – Non-doctoral thesis

EP – Podcast
ER – Electronic resource
JZ – Fanzine
MD – Technical drawing of instruments
PM – Printed music contained in a collection

RA – Review of an article
RB – Review of a book
RC – Review of a collection
RD – Review of a dissertation
RE – Review of a Festschrift
RF – Review of a facsimile or reprint
RM – Review of an edition of music
RN – Review of a technical drawing
RP – Review of a periodical
RR – Review of a recording
RS – Review of a symposium proceedings
RT – Review of a translation
RV – Review of a motion picture
RX – Review of an electronic resource