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RILM at IMS in Tokyo, Japan

RILM would like to invite you to several presentations in Tokyo at the International Musicological Society’s annual conference.

On Monday, 20 March, from 10:00 to 11:30 am, Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie will give a general update on the RILM organization and the resources it produces for music research during the IMS Joint Session “The 4Rs (RISM, RILM, RIdIM, and RIPM)” in Sōgakudo Hall.

From 14:00 to 15:30 pm, Zdravko Blažeković will chair the session “Collaboration and Dialogue: RILM in Japan” in Hall 6, presenting the history of the Japanese collaboration with RILM which goes back to the very beginning of the project in 1967. The opening paper is given by Tatsuhiko Itoh, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the International Christian University of Tokyo and the chair of the Japanese national RILM committee.

From 16:00 to 17:30 pm RILM will present “Transcending Borders: RILM and Musicology in the Twenty-First Century” in Hall 6. Building on the Monday morning session, the speakers will discuss the significant expansion of RILM resources in the service of musicology in the twenty-first century. The most recent results can be found in its new digital resources: RILM Music Encyclopedias (RME), RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text (RAFT), and MGG Online. Tina Frühauf will discuss RME, which currently includes 45 seminal reference works published from 1775 to the present, and RAFT, an expansion and enhancement of the unrivaled global bibliography of writings on music with the addition of a million pages of full-text content from more than 200 key periodicals. Laurenz Lütteken and Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie will introduce the freshly released MGG Online, based on the authoritative German-language music encyclopedia Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2nd edition, with updates, revisions, and additions to the original articles, which numbered over 19,000. MGG Online is available on RILM’s own powerful platform, offering advanced search and browse capabilities, personalized accounts, and much more.

On Tuesday, 21 March from 14:00 to 16:00 pm, Tina Frühauf will introduce and chair the roundtable “Referencing Music East and West: Modern Encyclopedias as Historiographies of Theory and Practice” in Hall 6. In pursuit of a global conversation, this panel will explore the meaning of theory and practice in reference works published from the early twentieth century to the present to elucidate the concepts of theory and practice as they evolved over time; and to compare how these concepts have functioned within Europe, Asia, and Anglo-America.

On Thursday, March 23, from 13:30 to 15:00 pm, Zdravko Blažeković will present a paper on the import and the collectors of Chinese musical instruments in 18th-century Europe, in the study session “East Asia and Europe: From Cultural Exchange to Translation as Culture” in Room 5-406.

All interested persons (scholars, librarians, contributors, board and committee members, etc.) are invited to these presentations. Barbara, Zdravko, and Tina will be available at IMS to discuss RAFT, RME, and MGG Online in person. Visit them at the RILM booth in the Exhibit Hall.