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New Additions to RILM Abstracts with Full Text

02 July 2020

RILM Abstracts with Full Text has just add ten more titles to its full-text journal collection. These titles are:

Arietta: Journal of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe. London: Beethoven Piano Society of Europe, 1999–. ISSN 1465-9387
Arietta, the annual journal of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe, consists of articles, reviews, and society news.

Bulletin of the International Kodály Society. Budapest: International Kodály Society, 1976–. ISSN 0133-8749
In addition to news about members, the Bulletin of the International Kodály Society provides reports and papers from Kodály symposia around the world; scholarship on the history of the Kodály movement; performance analysis of choral works by Kodály and others; writings by Kodály himself; and reviews of books and recordings.

Early keyboard journal. Historical Keyboard Society of North America, 1982–. ISSN 0899-8132
Early keyboard journal, the annual journal of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America, features scholarly and peer-reviewed articles on early keyboard instruments, including organs, harpsichords, clavichords, and early pianos, as well as reviews of new books, editions, and CDs.

Early music America. Pittsburgh: Early Music America, 1988–. ISSN 1083-3633
The intended readership of Early music America is anyone with an interest in the early music movement in North America, including performers, scholars, instrument makers, patrons, amateurs, or presenters. It documents the strong communal element of the early music movement with news items and interviews, and highlights issues in historical performance, as well as professional development.

Hudba, integrácie, interpretácie. Nitra: Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa – Pedagogická Fakulta, 1994–. ISSN 1338-4872
First launched in 1994 as Hudobno-pedagogické interpretácie and published annually since 2006 as Hudba, integrácie, interpretácie, the journal publishes writings that illuminate new paradigms in pedagogical thinking and music education, transformations in music communication, and the aesthetics and philosophy of music.

Lietuvos muzikologija/Lithuanian musicology. Vilnius: Lietuvos Muzikos Akademija, 2000–. ISSN 1392-9313
Lithuanian musicology is the country’s premier musicological journal. Published annually since 2000 by the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, the journal covers the history of art music in Lithuania and related developments in neighboring countries. Topics include the history of art music, religious music, music and mathematics, aesthetics, and Lithuanian traditional music.

Musicologist: International journal of music studies. Trabzon: Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi – Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Devlet Konservatuvarı, 2017–. eISSN 2618-5652
Published biannually in June and December, Musicologist is an international refereed journal, presenting original scholarship in historical musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology. Each issue includes multidisciplinary studies related to musicology. In addition to original research papers, the journal includes reviews, publicity, field notes, ethnographic writings, and translations.

Rahvusvahelise Eduard Tubina Ühingu Aastaraamat/Yearbook of the International Eduard Tubin Society. Tallinn: Rahvusvaheline Eduard Tubina Ühing/International Eduard Tubin Society, 2001–2009. ISSN 1406-7099
The Yearbook of International Eduard Tubin Society was published annually from 2001 through 2009. The contents focus on the life, works, and reception of the Estonian composer, who spent much of his life in exile in Sweden. Also included are interviews and correspondence with and by Tubin, his wife and son, and performers and conductors connected to the composer.

Revista de musicología. Madrid: Sociedad Española de Musicología, 1978–. ISSN 0210-1459
Revista de musicología, founded in 1978 by Samuel Rubio, is the official journal of the Sociedad Española de Musicología. Published twice a year, the journal is primarily devoted to studies on Spanish music and its ramifications and influence, but the spectrum of its coverage is often expanded through special issues and topics that have universal significance. Every issue of the journal includes substantial reports, reviews, and summaries of scholarly works such as doctoral dissertations, critical editions of music, and comprehensive recordings of a curated repertoire.

Teoria muzyki: Studia, interpretacje, dokumentacje. Kraków: Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie, 2012–. ISSN 2299-8454
The peer-reviewed annual journal Teoria muzyki was launched in 2012 at the Academy of Music in Cracow as a platform for scholarly dialogue among music theorists, musicologists, composers, and performers. The journal publishes articles on contemporary and historical music, performance practice, music aesthetics, and music theory. Several issues of the journal were dedicated to Mieczysław Tomaszewski, a renowned scholar of Chopin’s music.

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