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RILM at Echos: Sound Ecosystems in Travelogues, 2023

12 May 2023

RILM will participate in the Echos: Sound Ecosystems in Travelogues conference, held in Padua, Italy, from 25 to 26 May 2023. The event will provide a forum for discussions surrounding Echos, the eponymous web application —with an integrated relational database—that was designed and created at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padua. RILM is one of the partner institutions of this project.

On 25 May, Executive Director Tina Frühauf will participate in a discussion session meeting at 4:15–6:30pm CEST. Frühauf will then give her paper “Travelogues in Context: RILM and the Merits of A&I” on the following day, 26 May, at 12:00pm CEST.