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RILM in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie, RILM’s Editor-in-Chief and IAML’s President, is a co-organizer of the upcoming joint conference of IAML, ICTM, and IMS titled Music As Cultural Heritage: Problems of Historiography, Ethnography, Ethics, and Preservation. The conference will take place at NYU Abu Dhabi from 13 to 15 March. Zdravko Blažeković, RILM’s Executive Editor and Director of the Research Center for Music Iconography, is one of the invited speakers; he will present the paper, “Music Preservation as Heritage Diplomacy”. Barbara Mackenzie will give a welcome and introduction from IAML; will present the paper, “Capturing and Preserving Music Scholarship through Time and Space: The Role of RILM in an International Musicological Context”.