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ICTM joins RILM’s Commission Mixte

At its meeting in Vienna on 3-4 July 2007 ICTM’s Executive Board accepted the invitation from RILM’s Commission Mixte to become RILM’s third sponsoring organization, joining the International Musicological Society and the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres. While ethnomusicological publications have always been within RILM’s scope, ICTM’s involvement will bring a new level of awareness to the coverage of ethnomusicology. This change will be reflected in RILM’s reconstituted Commission Mixte, which serves as RILM’s board, providing advice and guidance to the International Center in New York and, by extension, to national committees which supply about half of the bibliographic records included in the database. From 2008 each sponsoring organization will appoint four members to RILM’s Commission Mixte.

In recent years RILM has significantly broadened its coverage of writings on music published in non-Western countries, striving to make its database truly global, representing scholarship on music anywhere in the world. ICTM members and national and regional committees will be extremely valuable in this effort, particularly by advising RILM about the organizing of RILM national committees in non-Western countries where ICTM membership is strong. Such collaboration will be beneficial for both the international scholarly community and for scholars in countries where RILM does not yet have committees.