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RILM Abstracts of music literature volume XXXIII is published, marking the end of an era

The production of annual printed volumes, originally RILM’s sole endeavor, ceases with volume XXXIII. The largest yet in a series of books stretching back to 1967, volume XXXIII documents 19,619 publications (all published in 1999), in 91 languages, from 81 countries. RILM online includes these records as well as all records in the database, which document publications from as far back as 1835 and as recently as April 2008. Future updates will appear online only. As annual printed volumes continued to increase in size, and researchers increasingly turned to electronic interfaces, it became clear that time and money spent on the production of printed volumes was better spent on improving RILM’s online presence. RILM continues, however, to issue new books in the RILM retrospectives series.