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Speaking of Music: Music Conferences, 1835–1966 becomes available online; institutional price for book is reduced

Winner of the 2006 Music Library Association’s Vincent H. Duckles Award for “best research tool in music”, the fourth publication in the RILM retrospectives series is now available online, extending the coverage of music conferences from 1835 to the present (a 172-year range). Work on this project was initiated by RILM’s founder, Barry S. Brook, in the 1960s, but it was discontinued for practical reasons and lay untouched until a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2003 enabled its completion. The list of abstractors reflects the cumulative process, encompassing Brook’s graduate students from the 1960s alongside RILM editors from the early 2000s. The project resulted in full bibliographic information, abstracts, and indexing for 5,948 articles from 511 books. Conferences can be browsed by using the congresses, conferences, symposia subject heading. The results can be narrowed down by using desired date ranges and also by using the meeting information (city/name/year) search option.

The new pricing of the volume is $145.00 for institutions (reduced 50%), $132.75 for agencies, and $65 for individuals. You can purchase it on this site.