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Publication of retrospective Festschriften bibliography projected for April 2009

16 January 2009

Thanks to a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the fifth publication in RILM’s Retrospective Series, Liber amicorum: Music Festschriften, 1840-1966, Music Scholars and Others, is now in the final stages; the finished book is projected for April 2009. Providing full bibliographic information, abstracts, and indexing for 6000 articles in 800 books, Liber amicorum is the largest compilation of its kind. The collection was abstracted almost entirely by RILM editors. The books were gathered through a variety of sources, including the Graduate Center’s interlibrary loan system and the New York Public Library’s extensive noncirculating collection. RILM is particularly grateful for the kind cooperation and support of the Brooklyn College Library for granting RILM access to the Gerboth Collection. The volume’s value for researchers is increased through the inclusion of many music-related articles in Festschriften dedicated to individuals who distinguished themselves in fields other than music. A volume documenting Festschriften dedicated to composers and musicians is in preparation.