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RILM Experts Forum in Taipei, Taiwan

Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie and Yun Fan will be present at the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) Experts Forum, a one-day event held at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center in Taipei, Taiwan, on 25 October 2019. It is among a series of events organized by the National Center for Traditional Arts in celebration of this year’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. Barbara’s paper, titled “國際音樂文獻資源群策群力的合作夥伴/RILM and IAML: A cross-fertilizing international partnership”, covers RILM’s mission and history, its relationship to IAML, and it’s role in presenting Taiwanese music scholarship to the world. Yun’s paper, titled “台湾音乐文献在RILM全球网络中的呈现/Taiwanese music scholarship in RILM’s global network”, focuses on the presentation of Taiwanese music scholarship in the context of East Asian countries; it addresses issues of Romanization and translation, and possible impacts on an international music thesaurus. The forum aims to foster stronger connections and collaborations between RILM and music institutions in Taiwan.