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RILM at the American History Museum, Washington, D.C.

As part of the RILM – Smithsonian partnership during the Year of Music, on Tuesday 12 November, at 4pm, Associate Executive Editor Tina Frühauf will give a timely talk in Washington, D.C., about the role music organizations have today. “Tearing Down Walls”, so the title of her lecture, leans on the concept of ontology in its two-fold meaning—as a metaphysical branch dealing with the nature of being and as a relation between a set of concepts. Using RILM as a model, her inquiries pertain to the following questions: What is and what should be the nature and mission of a music organization in a world whose state has been described as global and postglobal? What impact can a music organization have when political events around the world threaten to build walls between nations, disconnect communities, block the free movement of peoples across cultures? How can it contend with such divisive attempts, defying and traveling freely across many different kinds of literal and metaphorical borders? The event is free and open to the public