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RILM at the 21st Panama Jazz Festival

10 January 2024

RILM will participate for the first time at the Panama Jazz Festival, held in Ciudad de Panama, 15-20 January 2024. 

On Thursday, 18 January, 3:00-4:00pm EST, Latin America and the Caribbean Editor and Product Development Coordinator Beatriz Goubert will discuss her research on Indigenous music in the Colombian Andes.

Then, the following day, Friday, 19 January, 9:00-10:00am EST, Beatriz will provide an introduction to RILM and its products in her talk entitled “Cómo investigar en música: Recursos básicos”.

Please feel free to find Beatriz after her presentations to learn more about her work, ask questions, provide feedback, and discover what’s new at RILM and its exciting plans for the future!

RILM Music Encyclopedias: New Additions for 2024

08 January 2024

RILM Music Encyclopedias has just added four new titles into its continuously expanding collection of historical and current reference texts:

  • Felipe Pedrell, gen. ed. Diccionario técnico de la música (1st ed.; Barcelona: Isidro Torres Oriol, 1894) xix, 529 p. In Spanish.
  • Felipe Pedrell, gen. ed. Diccionario biográfico y bibliográfico de músicos y escritores de música españoles, portugueses e hispano-americanos antiguos y modernos: Acopio de datos y documentos para servir a la historia del arte musical en nuestra nación (1st ed.; Barcelona: Tipografía de Víctor Berdós y Feliú, 1897) 2 vols., xix, 715 p., 88 p. In Spanish.
  • Nancy Groce. Musical Instrument Makers of New York: A Directory of the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Urban Craftsmen (Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, 1991) xxi, 200 p. In English.
  • Warren Bebbington, ed. A Dictionary of Australian Music (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1998) xiv, 361 p. In English.

The 2024 additions, with their geographic reach from Australia to Spain to New York, reflect RILM’s global mission, adding historical depth, wide-ranging cultural perspectives, and diverse subject matter to the essential full-text reference collection that is RILM Music Encyclopedias. The Diccionario técnico de la música and the Diccionario biográfico y bibliográfico are treasure troves of Spanish music historiography, while the English texts—centering on musical heritage at opposite sides of the globe—will captivate the organologist and musicologist alike. 

RILM Music Encyclopedias can be accessed via EBSCOhost and on RILM’s platform Egret at

For further information, please email